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Welcome to Lift Repair Maintenance Chard, where emergency lift repairs are our speciality. We understand that lifts break and when they do, you need swift action.

From lift escalator malfunctions to crucial lift safety concerns, our team is dedicated to offering preventative maintenance to reduce the chances of a lift breakdown.

We’re here to ensure that lift users can rely on the safety systems in place, as correct maintenance by a competent person ensures that lifts suffer fewer breakdowns.

Do you need expert lift maintenance services in July 2024? You have come to the right place.

We’re dedicated to providing professional and reliable lift maintenance and repair services in Chard with the highest possible customer satisfaction ā€“ every time 365 days a year.

Whether it’s minor repairs, full lift modernisation, or addressing improper use, our goal is to prevent costly breakdowns.

Lifts that are maintained regularly with detailed inspections not only avoid costly breakdowns but also experience fewer breakdowns overall.

Moreover, it’s a legal requirement to have a thorough examination of lifts, and our maintenance service is tailored to meet all legal requirements.

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Why Use Us?

We have a wide range of spare parts on hand for quicker solutions, and with 24-hour availability for emergency calls and call outs, we assure excellent service anytime.

We work closely with our clients, offering various contract options to ensure a cost-effective approach.

Our promise? To keep your lifts in full working order

We are passionate about what we do. Each member of our team has in-depth trade knowledge and experience as a lift service provider, so you can trust us to deliver the best quality results ā€“ every time.

And that’s why you need to use us for lift maintenance and repair services! We’re the best in the business at installing and maintaining these amazing machines.

With over 20 years of experience as a lift installer. We offer full training courses for new workers, so you know they’ll be up to scratch when using their skills in lift maintenance.

We also provide niche certification and construction line accreditation, a lift service contract that shows our commitment to quality and safety standards within our industry.

We’re competitive on price because all our staff is trained in-house, and we don’t have any additional costs associated with outsourcing work overseas or using contractors who aren’t fully qualified or insured.

Our lift maintenance company specialises in adhering to lifting equipment regulations, overseeing everything from lift installations to lifting operations.

Every lift service visit ensures a well-maintained lift, encompassing platform lifts to the depths of the lift shaft.

We offer tailored maintenance packages suitable for various lift models, guaranteeing maintenance cover for efficient operation.

Our routine inspections include a thorough inspection of both mechanical and electrical components, making minor adjustments as needed.

Beyond escalator repairs, our experienced team is on-call for any emergency breakdown, emphasising that lifts should be serviced regularly for optimal safety and function.

Lift Engineers Chard

As one of the UK’s leading lift and engineering services, our company takes pride in its long-standing commitment to excellence.

Our team of dedicated lift maintenance engineers are on hand to offer lift repair services, lift replacement, and even bespoke lift interiors that cater to various sectors, from hotel lifts to those in shopping centres.

A lift maintenance engineer is a member of the lift engineering team who works on lifts, escalators, and moving walkways.

The job title is often used interchangeably with an “elevator mechanic,” but there are some important differences.

A lift maintenance engineer will usually have a more in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the lift service system, and lift refurbishment including the electrical and mechanical systems and the control systems that govern how they operate.

In addition to maintaining current lifting equipment, they may also be involved in developing new technologies for future use.

Expert lift engineers work mainly on passenger lifts (or elevators) which carry people up and down between different floors within a building or structure.

They may also work on goods lifts transporting materials or goods between floors rather than people. Goods lifts are normally used in large warehouses or factories with no passenger platforms to accommodate them.

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Lifts We Maintain

Lift maintenance is a very important part of the lift service industry in Chard. Lift maintenance can be done by the lift owner or a professional lift company service provider.

The lift is maintained to keep it in good condition for its intended use for the next 365 days a year.

Lifts are complex machines that need proper lift maintenance and repairs in Somerset to ensure smooth operation and safety. Lifts are prone to wear and tear due to their frequent use. And they need regular cleaning, lubrication, inspection, and oiling to work efficiently and safely, this is why you need good lift maintenance companies.

All lifts require regular servicing as per the manufacturer’s specifications. If you are handling your lift maintenance, it is essential that you understand how your specific type of lift works so that you can perform basic repairs on them when needed.

The following are some of the common types of lift service we maintain:

How much does Lift Repair Cost in Chard?

The average cost of lift services in Chard is Ā£1,560. This includes the average cost of replacing a broken cable and the average price of repairing a broken motor. The cost will vary depending on the type of elevator and lift maintenance needed.

If you have an older model with a simpler design, it will be less expensive to repair than newer models that are more complex.

In addition, if your elevator is being used frequently (e.g., a lift company in an office building or apartment block), then it’s likely that you’ll need to pay for regular maintenance rather than just one-off repairs. In such situations getting a lift maintenance contract is advisable.

Benefits of Lifts

Lifts are the most popular and efficient way to move people and goods from one level to another. They can be found in a wide range of buildings, including shopping centers, offices, hotels, and private homes.

We are the lift company in Chard that is just a phone call away for lift installation and affordable lift maintenance contracts that keep you, the lift owner, at peace as we take care of everything.

Lifts offer many benefits over other forms of transport, such as stairs. For example:

Offering ConvenienceĀ 365 days a year

When you have to run errands or go to work, there’s nothing worse than climbing several flights of stairs just to get there.

If you live in an apartment building with no elevator, you may climb up and down several times a day.

This can be very tiring and lead to injury, especially if you’re elderly or physically impaired. An elevator will let you avoid all that stress by allowing you to get where you need to go much more quickly and efficiently than walking would allow.

Improved Safety with proper lift installations

If you have stairs in your building, you know how dangerous they can be. Stairs can be slippery, hard to see, and challenging to navigate.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that nearly 75% of all workplace injuries involve falls ā€” many of which happen on stairs.

Lifts in Chard provide an alternative way for people to get from one floor to another without using those dangerous stairs.

Increased Productivity with a lift running smoothly

The average worker spends about eight hours a day at work ā€” five hours more than they spend sleeping!

Considering how much time we spend each day moving between floors in our buildings, it’s easy to see why lifts can help boost productivity.

Adding lifts allows people to move more quickly between floors without taking breaks or waiting on others who might not be as fast as they are when walking up and down stairs.


some buildings have limited access for disabled people because they donā€™t have lifts installed or are too busy with other tasks to help them up and down stairs each day.

Lifts can help make these buildings more accessible by allowing them access at all times without having to wait for someone else.

Energy efficiency

If you live in a flat or high-rise building, you may have noticed that your electricity bills go up during winter due to heating costs required for higher-altitude living spaces (upstairs).

This can be avoided by installing a lift.

The Chard lift should be installed near the entrance of your home so that once it is up and running, you will not have to walk up and down stairs all day long.

Reduced carbon footprint

The lifts also help reduce carbon footprint because they allow you to use less energy by not having to use stairs every time you want to move from one floor to another.

This is especially important for older people who cannot climb stairs and prefer using a lift instead.

Increased comfort

In addition to reducing carbon footprint, these devices offer increased comfort for those unable to climb stairs or use an elevator because of age, disability, or other reasons.

They also provide safety from fire hazards that may arise from using a staircase instead of an elevator when no power supply is available.

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Chard Lift Types

There are many different types of lifts within the lift industry that can be used as an elevator. In this article, we will discuss some of the more common types.

Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic lifts are the most common type of lift used for residential purposes. They are very versatile and able to accommodate various vehicles and sizes. Hydraulic lifts in Chard can also lift heavier loads than other types of lifts.

The main benefit of a hydraulic lift is that it is more accessible and easier to use than a scissor lift. This makes it ideal for homeowners who have limited experience with vehicle lift maintenance or repair.

Hydraulic lifts can be operated manually or electronically. Manual hydraulic lifts can be adjusted by hand using a crank on the side of the lift. Electronic, hydraulic lifts come with an electric control panel that allows the operator to manage all aspects of the lift using buttons and knobs instead of cranks or levers.

Traction Lifts

Traction lifts are different from other lifts because they can be set up at home. They work by putting pressure on your calf muscle and pulling it up to shorten the muscle. You can get traction lifts in different styles, so you can choose which one suits you best.

Traction lifts are used for injuries that occur in the lower leg area, such as a torn Achilles tendon or plantar fasciitis. These injuries often cause pain in the heel and arch of the foot. Traction lifts can also be used for people with flat feet or high arches who have difficulty standing for long periods because their feet hurt too much.

Traction lifts can relieve these types of injuries by stretching out the affected areas of your legs and feet. They don’t require any special training or certification — just follow the directions provided by the manufacturer when using one of these devices and ensure you keep up with the lift maintenance recommendation.

Vacuum Lifts

Vacuum lifts work by sucking up the load from the ground and transporting it to another location. They can be operated manually or automatically. Automated vacuum lifts have sensors that enable them to detect when an item is present and continue lifting until it has been removed from the hopper.

The main advantages of vacuum lifts include:

They can handle heavy loads easily; their suction power is adjustable according to the weight of the load being lifted. They are reliable and very stable. They cause minimal damage to fragile items such as glassware. They do not require lift maintenance and require minimal repair services because they use no moving parts; they can be easily installed in any area with a power supply. They can be programmed to operate in sequence or simultaneously with other equipment, such as conveyors.

Machine-Room-Less Lifts

The most common type of elevator lift is the machine room-less lift, which gets its name because it does not need an external machine room to operate. Instead, all necessary components are inside the elevator cab itself. These lifts are usually more expensive than their counterparts, but they have many advantages over other types of elevator technology.

One advantage is that machine room-less lifts in Chard are more energy efficient than their counterparts because they do not require an external power source such as an electric motor or gas engine. This means that they will use less energy than their counterparts and help to reduce your carbon footprint on this planet. Another benefit of this type of lift is that it does not require any lift maintenance except basic cleaning now and then because there are no moving parts or complex electronics involved in its operation whatsoever.

Direct Drive Lifts

Direct drive lifts are the most common type of lift. They work by using two motorized wheels that you roll up and down. The wheels are attached to a motor with a belt connecting it to the platform. The platform moves up and down as you move the wheel up and down.

The main advantage of these lifts is that they are very easy to use and require no manual labor. You simply push a button or flip a switch, and the platform will move up or down at your command. This makes them ideal for people who have trouble with stairs or who have mobility issues.

Another advantage is that they’re relatively inexpensive compared to other types of lifts, which can be especially important if you’re on a budget.

One potential disadvantage is that these lifts sometimes require more maintenance than other lifts because their mechanisms tend to get worn out over time if they do not properly maintain

electrical power and cables. Due to these additional requirements, they also tend to be more expensive than other types of lifts in Chard.

Indirect Drive Lifts

Indirect drive lifts are the most popular type of lift in use today. They use a screw-type mechanism to raise and lower the platform. This type of lift is more flexible than direct drive because the center of gravity is shifted toward the back of the platform. This allows for more weight capacity, which makes it ideal for large materials or equipment. However, indirect drive lifts have a higher load rating per square inch than direct drive lifts because they don’t have as much torque applied to them as direct drives do.

Lift Manufacturers

Lift Maintenance Services Chard

Lifts are a vital part of any building. However, they do need to be maintained and repaired regularly. If you are a lift owner or are using one in your building, we offer flexible priced lift maintenance contract and we can provide you with the following services:

Lift Maintenance Services

We offer an annual lift maintenance contracts for your lifts, which saves you money and the hassle of looking for a maintenance services company. We can work around your schedule so that you don’t have to worry about closing down your business for the day. Our expert technicians will check all aspects of your Chard lift and ensure it is safe and working correctly 365 days a year. We’ll also advise on how to keep it running smoothly over time plus offer some safety features.

Lift Repair service

If the lift breaks down unexpectedly, call us immediately so we can get the faulty lift fixed immediately. We don’t want anyone stuck in their office or home because their lift no longer works! We’ll send out our team of highly skilled engineers who will diagnose the problem quickly and fix it as soon as possible, we always ensure to fulfil our service contract.

Lift Servicing

The lift servicing we offer to our customers is one of the most important parts of our business and our lift maintenance contracts. It is very important that you get your lifts regularly serviced to remain safe for use. We can help you with any type of lift, from a simple straight escalator to a complex moving walkway.

Our service includes checking all machine parts and ensuring it is in good working order. We also check for any leaking or cracked pipes and fix them immediately if they are broken.

Lift Inspections

In addition to regular lift maintenance services, we also offer our customers an inspection service to ensure that their machines are in good working order before we put them back into action again after being repaired or refurbished by us.

We are available 24 hours a day to offer our Chard maintenance services, incase of lift breakdowns don’t hesitate to give us a call, we always have repair engineers ready to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Often Should a Lift be Serviced?

We recommend that you have your lift serviced once a year. If you live in a cold climate, we suggest you have your lift checked twice a year. Maintenance services ensures your lift is running smoothly 365 days a year.

Q. How often Should a Lift be Checked?

It is recommended that you have your lift inspected at least once per year by a qualified technician. This is where our service visits come in handy with our lift maintenance contracts. This inspection will help identify potential lift problems before they escalate into something more severe and costly, what we refer to as preventive maintenance. It also helps to ensure that your lift is running efficiently and safely to continue providing you with many years of reliable service.

Q. Can you Repair all Types of lifts?

Yes! Our lift maintenance services can repair all types of lifts, including residential, commercial, lift car, freight, and service elevators just give us a call we are available 24 hours a day.

Q. What is Lift Maintenance Repair?

Lift Maintenance services Repair is the process of repairing or replacing lifts, elevators, lift car, and escalators. This includes inspecting and repairing components such as motors, electrical systems, and wiring. We are a certified list maintenance company and keep our standards at per with escalator industry association, therefore for any lift breakdowns, or in need of service visits we are ready to help 24 hours a day.

Product Codes

The Chard lift industry has a series of standardized product codes.

Chard lifts are classified according to their type, capacity, and whether they are a passenger or goods lifts.

The products are assigned two or three letters, indicating the lift type. The first letter may be either A, B, or C to indicate the lifting category (for example, A is for passenger lifts).

The second letter denotes the type of lift: 0 for a hydraulic elevator, 1 for a traction elevator, 2 for a travelator; 3 for a monorail platform; 4 for a chairlift; 5 for a gondola lift; 6 for a funicular railway, 7 for other types of lifts.

The last letter indicates the number of cars on a single beam in a multiple-car system (1 indicates one car on a single beam).

For example, A2/0 would mean a hydraulic elevator with two cars in multiple car systems (elevators with more than one car per beam are referred to as high-speed elevators). At the same time, B1/2 would denote a traction elevator with one car on a single beam.

Here are the product codes for lifts in Chard:

Niche Safety Standards / Environmental Requirements

The UK has strict safety standards for the construction and maintenance of lifts. These standards ensure that all lifts are safe for use and are built to meet environmental requirements.

In the UK, there are three standards that lift manufacturers must adhere to:

British Standard 3834 – Lift Controls and Safety Devices

This standard was created in 1992, covering everything from the materials used in a lift’s construction to its emergency stop devices. It also specifies how lifts should be operated and maintained.

British Standard BS 7346 – Lifts for Disabled People

This standard was created in 1998 and amended in 2004. It covers all aspects of designing, installing, operating, maintaining, and inspecting lifts for people with disabilities. It specifies requirements for floor heights (1 meter), handrails (height/width), doors (opening/closing force), controls (readability), etc.

Safety Standards

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has several requirements to be met before you can use your lift. These include ensuring that all lift parts are safe to use and have been tested by an approved inspector. If you’re building or renovating an existing property, you will need to check if there’s an existing lift in place and make sure it meets these standards.

Environmental Requirements

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 requires that all lifts be able to operate effectively in hot and cold weather conditions. This means not just installing the right equipment but also maintaining it properly so that it doesn’t break down due to extreme weather changes.

British Standard BS EN81-15

This is a standard for non-passenger lifts (elevators). It is used in conjunction with BS EN81-16:2013, which sets out requirements for passenger lifts.

BS EN 81-17:2017

This European standard sets out the requirements for passenger lifts. It is used in conjunction with BS EN 81-16:2013 and BS EN 81-15:2014.

BS 7447:2008

This is a British standard for installing lifts in buildings. It includes information on how to install, maintain, inspect and repair lifts within buildings.


With our lift maintenance services, you can rest assured that your lifts are in expert hands.

We’ve been in business for over 20 years, and we’ve seen it all, from lift breakdowns to regular maintenance our highly skilled engineers are ready to help.

Unlike many providers, we’re one of the few independent lift companies, ensuring that each platform lift we install or service is tailored to our client’s needs.

Our reputation isn’t just built on our engineering services, but also on our extensive knowledge of lift and escalator systems, making us the top choice for any vertical transportation requirements.

Our technicians will be able to handle whatever problems arise with your lift, no matter how complex or seemingly simple. we have trained engineers who adhere to the escalator industry association regulation to ensure you get the best lift maintenance.

You won’t have to worry about our work being subpar or unreliableā€”we guarantee nothing but the best lift maintenance!

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